Puppy Training

Puppy Parenting Program
New puppy parents are wise to take full advantage of the most critical, early month’s of their pup’s development by focusing on teaching manners and life skills and on the prevention of predictable problems. Early training helps ensure you help your pup establish good habits and prevent unwanted habits from developing.

Our approach is gentle, effective, enjoyable, and designed to be mastered by all members of the family, youngsters included. Training is decidedly “dog-friendly” in its endeavor to teach young puppies not only what we want them to do, but to want to do what we want them to do. Our classes produce willingly compliant, mannerly, good-natured, easily-handled adult dogs. Getting off to an early start sets you and your pup up for greater success.

Our Puppy Parenting Program is divided into two parts and is designed to most effectively meet these goals in our supportive group setting.

Puppy 1
This course, for puppies 8-22 weeks of age at the start of the class, is a starting point for pups on their way to becoming well mannered and well adjusted members of your family. In this part of our Puppy Parenting Program you will learn the beginnings of fundamental obedience and manners skills like sit, down, come when called, and leash manners. Great attention is paid to house training, curbing nipping, mouthing, and jumping up, and socialization, gentling, and handling.

Puppy 2
For puppies 22-40 weeks of age, this course is only available to those that have graduated from Puppy 1 or pups that have benefited from our private lessons. This class focuses on more advanced skills including stay, “real life” exercises for come when called, mastering self-control, leash manners, reliability around increased distractions, and cue discrimination.

Puppy Parenting Program Topics Include:

  • A safe and supportive place to learn necessary manners and skills.
  • Instruction in regards to your pup’s early development.
  • Early identification and prevention of behavior problems.
  • Housetraining
  • How to prevent and deal with common puppy issues like nipping, inappropriate chewing, excessive barking, and jumping up.
  • Teaching your puppy to come when called, sit, down, stand, stay, come when called, and leash manners (preventing sidewalk vacuuming, pulling, and putting on the brakes!)
  • Impulse control (leave it, wait, manners at doorways and when food is placed on tables and counters, settle down, etc.).
  • Greeting people without jumping (i.e. by sitting or standing)
  • House manners and how to apply these skills in your day-to-day life with your dog.
  • Early identification and prevention of behavior problems.
  • Aggression, fear and anxiety prevention.
  • Socializing your puppy with other dogs and people in a safe environment during supervised play-time.
  • Support documents.
  • Puppy 1: 5 weekly sessions; 60 minutes per class.
  • Puppy 2: 5 weekly sessions; 60 minutes per class
  • Cost: $300.00 per pup for each 5 week course.

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