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Since its founding in 1994, Andrea Arden Dog Training has been helping New Yorkers develop healthier and more rewarding relationships with their dogs.

We offer dog and family friendly training classes and private lessons which emphasize easy, efficient and effective methods. We are the leading dog trainer and the originator of puppy classes in New York City and have been named the Best Dog Trainers in New York by New York, W, Time Out and Quest magazines, the Daily News and numerous other publications.

We’re experts at helping you and your dog with puppy training, basic dog training, advanced obedience training, house training, trick training, agility training, puppy and breed specific play groups, early and ongoing socialization, Canine Good Citizen and therapy dog preparation and evaluation, as well as with the resolution or management of behavior problems that can negatively impact the experience you have with your dog and the quality of your dog’s life.

We offer group dog training classes and private lessons in multiple locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, as well as in-home private lessons in Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey and Queens.

We recognize that each dog is unique and partner with our clients to meet the specific needs of every dog. Our clients experience expert guidance to help them enjoy long, loving, and healthy relationships with their dogs. All the members of our highly experienced training team love what they do, and it shows! We have helped thousands of families achieve their training goals. Our personalized approach is intended to best cater to our canine and human students’ individual needs. This is why we are so consistently rated, year after year, as one of the New York City’s best dog training schools.

We know that sharing your life with a dog can be one of the most rewardingexperiences, but can also provide some unique challenges and frustrations, especially in a hectic and crowded city environment which requires navigating shared apartment hallways, lobbies and elevators, crowded streets, passing other dogs on crowded sidewalks, encountering joggers and bikers in the park and other places, and acclimating your dog to loud noises. We can help you bring out the best in your dog by developing the behavior and social skills needed for city life.


Our approach solves problems, prevents new problems before they arise, and rewards your efforts with the joy of taking a positive approach to working with your dog as a team to build a lifelong bond. We’re advocates of user-friendly and dog-friendly dog training. In addition to being effective, training should be as enjoyable for dogs as it is for owners, and as easy, and efficient as possible. Positive reinforcement ensures that you and your dog build a long-lasting relationship that is based on science, trust, consideration and mutual respect.

Andrea Arden Dog Training will help you develop a better understanding of how your dog learns and a better mastery of training skills so that your dog responds reliably to you, not just to the dog training instructor. Our ultimate goal is to allow you to communicate more effectively, for your dog to learn the benefits of reliably and enthusiastically following your instructions, and for both you and your dog to have fun in the process.


With over 60 years of combined professional training experience, we ascribe to positive reinforcement-based training as the most effective and rewarding way for dogs and their people to learn. Our trainers are experts focused on canine education, obedience training and behavior modification and have undergone rigorous apprenticeships and professional training. Our teachers possess a solid knowledge of the science that governs learning, and have highly honed practical skills in both teaching animals and the people that love them.

Our trainers regularly volunteer in animal shelters where we’ve helped resolve an enormous variety of challenging behavioral problems. Working with shelter animals is an extraordinary opportunity for us as professionals and a chance to offer our skills to our community and to the very deserving animals in need of guidance in order to increase their chances of finding loving homes.


Our ultimate goal is to positively impact your relationship with your dog and to help you create a stronger bond through improved communication. We are committed to helping people learn how to guide their dogs towards becoming even better companions. From puppies to adult dogs, and obedience and tricks to behavior modification, we will help you make sure you can achieve your goals and learn how to get your dog excited to participate in the training game!


We’re here to respond to your inquiries about dog training and dog care with the answers and suggestions you need. Please contact us or call 212-414-9597 for more information. We look forward to working with you and your dog!

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